Infant / Child Nutrition

While it goes with­out say­ing that dur­ing preg­nan­cy the moth­er absolute­ly needs to eat a clean, and high­ly nour­ish­ing diet includ­ing pre­na­tal vit­a­mins for prop­er fetus devel­op­ment, the con­cern for nutri­tion does not stop here.  Prop­er infant and child nutri­tion is of vital impor­tance for the growth and devel­op­ment of strong organs and body.  The order of intro­duc­tion of foods and breast­feed­ing are crit­i­cal­ly impor­tant in build­ing a hearty immune sys­tem.  Pro­bi­otics can be intro­duced in infan­cy to pro­mote good gut health at a very young age and tod­dlers can be intro­duced to fish oils to enhance brain devel­op­ment. While the moth­er is preg­nant and breast­feed­ing, it is desir­able to take pro­bi­otics and fish oils along with the pre­na­tal vit­a­mins as the baby will receive the nutri­ents that the moth­er is ingesting.

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