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menu ideas

Clients, friends, and fam­i­ly are always ask­ing me for real­ly inter­est­ing food menu ideas and I spend a lot of time com­ing up with my own recipes.  I also love 2 recipe books which I use a great deal and not just for the recipes but also for all the prep and lifestyle tips that both of these 2 cook­books offer.  Most peo­ple I rec­om­mend these 2 books to have loved how infor­ma­tive they are.  One is writ­ten and beau­ti­ful­ly illus­trat­ed by one of my won­der­ful past teach­ers, Eva Caba­ca.  It is a veg­an cook­book called Earth­ly & Divine and whether you are a veg­an or not this book will show you how to expand your menu ideas.  I [Con­tin­ue read­ing…]

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Make your own porridge in the morning/anytime

It is cheap­er and more nutri­tious to make your own por­ridge.  Have bags of organ­ic whole grains on hand like mil­let, brown rice, or buck­wheat groats, and grind up 3 table­spoons in your cof­fee grinder and add to 1 cup of water; keep stir­ring to pre­vent lump­ing and bring to boil; then low­er to sim­mer for 3 to 5 min­utes until desired thick­ness is achieved; this makes 1 por­tion.  You are get­ting far more whole­some nutri­ents in fresh ground grains then with ground grains that have been sit­ting in a box for months/years on a shelf.  Or if you pre­fer oat­meal stick to mak­ing steel-cut oats; how­ev­er, these take longer to cook.  Be sure to add your own favorite ingre­di­ents [Con­tin­ue read­ing…]

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Eating Habits: Loreta’s Tips

Health chal­lenges often respond well to the use of clean, prefer­ably organ­ic, whole foods, that are cooked from scratch. When your body receives all the macro and micro nutri­ents it needs from whole foods, crav­ings for junk food or sug­ar will be dras­ti­cal­ly reduced.


Keep organ­ic whole grains around to cook from scratch. You can use them whole, in sal­ads, or fresh­ly ground to a pow­der for quick-cook­ing por­ridges. All whole grains are high in fibre, which helps clean the colon of pos­si­ble toxins.
Give up refined fruit juice and eat your fruit whole, unless you have a juicer.
Give up con­ve­nience foods as much as pos­si­ble: any­thing in a bag, box, or can, or frozen.
Pur­chase a grain mill to grind grains [Con­tin­ue read­ing…]

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Infant / Child Nutrition

While it goes with­out say­ing that dur­ing preg­nan­cy the moth­er absolute­ly needs to eat a clean, and high­ly nour­ish­ing diet includ­ing pre­na­tal vit­a­mins for prop­er fetus devel­op­ment, the con­cern for nutri­tion does not stop here.  Prop­er infant and child nutri­tion is of vital impor­tance for the growth and devel­op­ment of strong organs and body.  The order of intro­duc­tion of foods and breast­feed­ing are crit­i­cal­ly impor­tant in build­ing a hearty immune sys­tem.  Pro­bi­otics can be intro­duced in infan­cy to pro­mote good gut health at a very young age and tod­dlers can be intro­duced to fish oils to enhance brain devel­op­ment. While the moth­er is preg­nant and breast­feed­ing, it is desir­able to take pro­bi­otics and fish oils along with the pre­na­tal vit­a­mins [Con­tin­ue read­ing…]

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