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menu ideas

Clients, friends, and family are always asking me for really interesting food menu ideas and I spend a lot of time coming up with my own recipes.  I also love 2 recipe books which I use a great deal and not just for the recipes but also for all the prep and lifestyle tips that both of these 2 cookbooks offer.  Most people I recommend these 2 books to have loved how informative they are.  One is written and beautifully illustrated by one of my wonderful past teachers, Eva Cabaca.  It is a vegan cookbook called Earthly & Divine and whether you are a vegan or not this book will show you how [Continue reading…]

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Make your own porridge in the morning/anytime

It is cheaper and more nutritious to make your own porridge.  Have bags of organic whole grains on hand like millet, brown rice, or buckwheat groats, and grind up 3 tablespoons in your coffee grinder and add to 1 cup of water; keep stirring to prevent lumping and bring to boil; then lower to simmer for 3 to 5 minutes until desired thickness is achieved; this makes 1 portion.  You are getting far more wholesome nutrients in fresh ground grains then with ground grains that have been sitting in a box for months/years on a shelf.  Or if you prefer oatmeal stick to making steel-cut oats; however, these take longer to cook.  Be sure to add your own favorite ingredients [Continue reading…]

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Eating Habits: Loreta’s Tips

Health challenges often respond well to the use of clean, preferably organic, whole foods, that are cooked from scratch. When your body receives all the macro and micro nutrients it needs from whole foods, cravings for junk food or sugar will be drastically reduced.


Keep organic whole grains around to cook from scratch. You can use them whole, in salads, or freshly ground to a powder for quick-cooking porridges. All whole grains are high in fibre, which helps clean the colon of possible toxins.
Give up refined fruit juice and eat your fruit whole, unless you have a juicer.
Give up convenience foods as much as possible: anything in a bag, box, or can, or frozen.
Purchase a grain mill to grind [Continue reading…]

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Infant / Child Nutrition

While it goes without saying that during pregnancy the mother absolutely needs to eat a clean, and highly nourishing diet including prenatal vitamins for proper fetus development, the concern for nutrition does not stop here.  Proper infant and child nutrition is of vital importance for the growth and development of strong organs and body.  The order of introduction of foods and breastfeeding are critically important in building a hearty immune system.  Probiotics can be introduced in infancy to promote good gut health at a very young age and toddlers can be introduced to fish oils to enhance brain development. While the mother is pregnant and breastfeeding, it is desirable to take probiotics and fish oils along with the prenatal vitamins [Continue reading…]

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