Infer­til­i­ty is on the rise accord­ing to Dr. Roger Pier­son PhD in obstetrics/Gynaecology (also a mem­ber of the Cana­di­an Fer­til­i­ty and Androl­o­gy Soci­ety) who report­ed in a new study that 16% of het­ero­sex­u­al cou­ples where the woman is age 18 to 44 are expe­ri­enc­ing infer­til­i­ty.  He says that this has dou­bled since the last time infer­til­i­ty was mea­sured in 1992. Accord­ing to the Holis­tic point of view there are many rea­sons for this and nutri­tion is at the top of the list.  The main issues are the stan­dard Amer­i­can Diet (known as SAD); this includes bad fats, genet­i­cal­ly mod­i­fied (GMO) foods, pesticides/herbicides, and too much caffeine/alcohol.  Oth­er fac­tors are stress, hor­mon­al imbal­ances, ovu­la­to­ry defects, blocked tubes, and Poly­cys­tic Ovar­i­an Syn­drome.  The SAD diet usu­al­ly con­sists of too much sug­ar and refined carbs, fac­to­ry farmed meat, alco­hol, caf­feine, and cig­a­rette smok­ing.  Whether the body is repeat­ed­ly exposed to estro­gen tox­ins from the envi­ron­ment (known as xenoe­stro­gens) or the foods we eat, either type of expo­sure caus­es the body to become estro­gen dom­i­nant over time.  Rebal­anc­ing estro­gen dom­i­nance caused by a high­ly refined diet, xenoe­stro­gen expo­sure, or even a slug­gish liv­er (also exposed to too many tox­ins) is extreme­ly nec­es­sary to increase fer­til­i­ty. This is pos­si­ble with a CLEAN whole food diet, and liv­er cleans­ing (using vit­a­mins, herbs, or home­opa­thy) as the liv­er has to clear ALL TYPES of tox­ins includ­ing break­ing down/ elim­i­nat­ing excess hor­mones and xenoe­stro­gens con­tin­u­ous­ly.  Anoth­er impor­tant point to con­sid­er is going to a rep­utable Tra­di­tion­al Chi­nese Med­i­cine Doc­tor as they are often spe­cial­iz­ing in wom­en’s hor­mon­al issues; they uti­lize acupunc­ture and herbs to re-bal­ance the hor­mones. Dr. Grace Yue is excep­tion­al and very knowl­edge­able in both east­ern and west­ern medicine.

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