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high/low stomach acid

Stomach acid is another lengthy topic.  Holistic Nutrition Schools talk about stomach acid quite a lot as they are preparing practitioners for the large number of clients who are on GERD medication used to reduce stomach acid.  I have met several clients on stomach acid lowering meds.  One of the challenges is that typical high stomach acid symptoms like burning/heartburn sensations can also mean low stomach acid.  Once you have medically ruled out the presence of H. Pylori bacteria responsible for ulcers and/or structural issues, you have many options available.

As time goes by, and years of processed food eating have passed, stomach acid can become very sluggish especially if there has been a lack of [Continue reading…]

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My IBS Story

I was officially diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) in 1995 although I probably had this condition since childhood. IBS is usually diagnosed by process of elimination after other bowel diseases which show up with distinct inflammatory markers like Crohn’s or Colitis have been investigated first. Many IBS sufferers often go undiagnosed for some time, even years, until their family doctor or a specialist finally arrives at the IBS conclusion. Many sufferers are told that they are simply lactose intolerant or have food sensitivities which are only a small part of the picture. The nervous system and life/nutritional habits need to be investigated.

Challenging stressful events can often lead to this IBS condition even though it may seem to the individual [Continue reading…]

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Digestion Challenges: The Bowel

All bowel disorders/diseases do not have to be debilitating. The bowels respond very quickly to the proper use of probiotics, anti-inflammatory/calming substances like slippery elm powder, marshmallow and peppermint, gut-lining rebuilding amino acids like L-glutamine and medical foods like protein powders made with all the gut enhancing substances to stop leaky gut syndrome. And extremely important is learning strategies to reduce stress responses to calm down the enteric nervous system in your gut which is directly responsive to the stress felt in the central nervous system. This includes easy deep breathing and meditation techniques along with homeopathic remedies which can be used to calm the mind.

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