About Loreta

Loreta Duti has been interested in the holistic health field for many years. She thoroughly enjoys helping people achieve their optimal health, using holistic modalities such as nutrition, vitamins, herbs or homeopathy. The choice of modality depends on what is best for the individual client and his/her lifestyle.

Loreta has had debilitating health challenges in the past. These illnesses led her on her path to studying holistic nutrition and, now, helping others. She was officially diagnosed with IBS in 1995, and allopathic medicine could only help up to a certain point. (Read more about her IBS story here). Once she understood the limitations of allopathic medicine she became determined to find a holistic solution, researching how the digestive system works.

Eventually this search led her to her formal training as a nutritionist. Loreta is a CNP, and received her Certification in Nutritional Practice at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  At this institute her love of holistic practices expanded even further. To Loreta, helping people return to vibrant health is like solving a puzzle. The symptoms and individual ailments are only parts of the whole being; the healing process involves connecting the dots and putting all the pieces together.

Loreta continues researching a variety of nutritional and holistic health topics, including Traditional Chinese Medicine. She will be studying TCM in the near future.