About Loreta

Lore­ta Duti has been inter­est­ed in the holis­tic health field for many years. She thor­ough­ly enjoys help­ing peo­ple achieve their opti­mal health, using holis­tic modal­i­ties such as nutri­tion, vit­a­mins, herbs or home­opa­thy. The choice of modal­i­ty depends on what is best for the indi­vid­ual client and his/her lifestyle.

Lore­ta has had debil­i­tat­ing health chal­lenges in the past. These ill­ness­es led her on her path to study­ing holis­tic nutri­tion and, now, help­ing oth­ers. She was offi­cial­ly diag­nosed with IBS in 1995, and allo­path­ic med­i­cine could only help up to a cer­tain point. (Read more about her IBS sto­ry here). Once she under­stood the lim­i­ta­tions of allo­path­ic med­i­cine she became deter­mined to find a holis­tic solu­tion, research­ing how the diges­tive sys­tem works.

Even­tu­al­ly this search led her to her for­mal train­ing as a nutri­tion­ist. Lore­ta is a CNP, and received her Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in Nutri­tion­al Prac­tice at The Insti­tute of Holis­tic Nutri­tion.  At this insti­tute her love of holis­tic prac­tices expand­ed even fur­ther. To Lore­ta, help­ing peo­ple return to vibrant health is like solv­ing a puz­zle. The symp­toms and indi­vid­ual ail­ments are only parts of the whole being; the heal­ing process involves con­nect­ing the dots and putting all the pieces together.

Lore­ta con­tin­ues research­ing a vari­ety of nutri­tion­al and holis­tic health top­ics, includ­ing Tra­di­tion­al Chi­nese Med­i­cine. She will be study­ing TCM in the near future.