menu ideas

Clients, friends, and fam­i­ly are always ask­ing me for real­ly inter­est­ing food menu ideas and I spend a lot of time com­ing up with my own recipes.  I also love 2 recipe books which I use a great deal and not just for the recipes but also for all the prep and lifestyle tips that both of these 2 cook­books offer.  Most peo­ple I rec­om­mend these 2 books to have loved how infor­ma­tive they are.  One is writ­ten and beau­ti­ful­ly illus­trat­ed by one of my won­der­ful past teach­ers, Eva Caba­ca.  It is a veg­an cook­book called Earth­ly & Divine and whether you are a veg­an or not this book will show you how to expand your menu ideas.  I love the blender pan­cake recipe amongst many oth­ers!  Anoth­er very valu­able cook­book is The World’s Health­i­est Foods by George Matel­jan.  It lists quick easy recipes for every food group includ­ing the best way to select that food and it also details healthy cook­ing meth­ods which are invalu­able to everyone.

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