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mood and food

This is one of the most popular questions a nutritionist is asked.  How can i improve my mood?   This topic is vast and i always stress that disciplinary practices like meditation and deep breathing exercises or physical movement exercises like Tai Chi are excellent for calming the mind and enhancing mood.  Even 10 minutes spent in a guided meditation in the morning which you can select from the internet keeps your mood elevated for most of the day.  When it comes to food, it gets complicated.  All foods which enhance brain function like fish oils usually help.  B12 or a Multi-B supplement brings relief to most people.  They feel calmer and sharper at the same time.  Some people do not [Continue reading…]

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My IBS Story

I was officially diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) in 1995 although I probably had this condition since childhood. IBS is usually diagnosed by process of elimination after other bowel diseases which show up with distinct inflammatory markers like Crohn’s or Colitis have been investigated first. Many IBS sufferers often go undiagnosed for some time, even years, until their family doctor or a specialist finally arrives at the IBS conclusion. Many sufferers are told that they are simply lactose intolerant or have food sensitivities which are only a small part of the picture. The nervous system and life/nutritional habits need to be investigated.

Challenging stressful events can often lead to this IBS condition even though it may seem to the individual [Continue reading…]

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