Make your own porridge in the morning/anytime

It is cheap­er and more nutri­tious to make your own por­ridge.  Have bags of organ­ic whole grains on hand like mil­let, brown rice, or buck­wheat groats, and grind up 3 table­spoons in your cof­fee grinder and add to 1 cup of water; keep stir­ring to pre­vent lump­ing and bring to boil; then low­er to sim­mer for 3 to 5 min­utes until desired thick­ness is achieved; this makes 1 por­tion.  You are get­ting far more whole­some nutri­ents in fresh ground grains then with ground grains that have been sit­ting in a box for months/years on a shelf.  Or if you pre­fer oat­meal stick to mak­ing steel-cut oats; how­ev­er, these take longer to cook.  Be sure to add your own favorite ingre­di­ents [Con­tin­ue read­ing…]

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Eating Habits: Loreta’s Tips

Health chal­lenges often respond well to the use of clean, prefer­ably organ­ic, whole foods, that are cooked from scratch. When your body receives all the macro and micro nutri­ents it needs from whole foods, crav­ings for junk food or sug­ar will be dras­ti­cal­ly reduced.


Keep organ­ic whole grains around to cook from scratch. You can use them whole, in sal­ads, or fresh­ly ground to a pow­der for quick-cook­ing por­ridges. All whole grains are high in fibre, which helps clean the colon of pos­si­ble toxins.
Give up refined fruit juice and eat your fruit whole, unless you have a juicer.
Give up con­ve­nience foods as much as pos­si­ble: any­thing in a bag, box, or can, or frozen.
Pur­chase a grain mill to grind grains [Con­tin­ue read­ing…]

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Weight Loss

Weight loss is a nev­er-end­ing debat­ed top­ic. With­out assess­ing the whole health of the indi­vid­ual it is like putting the “cart before the horse”. Gen­er­al­ly there are oth­er fac­tors at play in life; it is not just a mat­ter of an indi­vid­ual sim­ply overeat­ing. Stress, as men­tioned in oth­er blog posts, can lead to too much cor­ti­sol pro­duc­tion which impedes thy­roid func­tion and will aggra­vate weight gain. And often stress means less qual­i­ty and quan­ti­ty of sleep which also impairs glu­cose metab­o­lism there­by alter­ing blood sug­ar as well as decreas­ing the secre­tion of thy­roid stim­u­lat­ing hor­mone and again increas­ing blood lev­els of cor­ti­sol. Every­one is a dif­fer­ent meta­bol­ic type; some indi­vid­u­als are slow oxi­diz­ers and some are fast oxi­diz­ers; there [Con­tin­ue read­ing…]

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Immune System Function

Often when you are sick you just need a boost of Vit­a­min C, fish oils, or pro­bi­otics along with herbs, but some­times a com­pro­mised Immune sys­tem is relat­ed to stress, fatigue, low­ered adren­al and thy­roid func­tion.  A slug­gish immune can be boost­ed with the prop­er use of herbs like astra­galus, or reishi mush­rooms. When stress is ele­vat­ed long term the immune is often low­ered and even­tu­al­ly the adren­a­ls and thy­roid can suf­fer. At this point, some adren­al-help­ing herbs can be uti­lized as well as vit­a­mins which con­tain glan­du­lars to help rebuild adren­al tis­sue. If the adren­a­ls are deal­ing with long term stress and releas­ing too much cor­ti­sol this can inhib­it the con­ver­sion in the thy­roid of T4 to the more active [Con­tin­ue read­ing…]

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Cir­cu­la­tion def­i­nite­ly slows down as we age and anti-oxi­­dants like vit­a­min A, and E, or fish oils, and niacin have an affin­i­ty for keep­ing arter­ies healthy and reduc­ing inflam­ma­tion.  Herbs which have blood cir­cu­lat­ing prop­er­ties are hawthorne which is a ton­ic and astra­galus which is an adap­to­gen.  Cau­tion must be exer­cised if there are actu­al arte­r­i­al block­ages (which would be diag­nosed by your doc­tor); if this is the case, all med­ica­tions, if there are any, must be care­ful­ly reviewed espe­cial­ly when tak­ing any­thing else with the meds.  Some­times, less than ide­al cir­cu­la­tion is sim­ply a case of slug­gish blood or lymph cir­cu­la­tion due to lack of activ­i­ty and an unhealthy high­ly processed diet.

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