Immune System Function

Often when you are sick you just need a boost of Vit­a­min C, fish oils, or pro­bi­otics along with herbs, but some­times a com­pro­mised Immune sys­tem is relat­ed to stress, fatigue, low­ered adren­al and thy­roid func­tion.  A slug­gish immune can be boost­ed with the prop­er use of herbs like astra­galus, or reishi mush­rooms. When stress is ele­vat­ed long term the immune is often low­ered and even­tu­al­ly the adren­a­ls and thy­roid can suf­fer. At this point, some adren­al-help­ing herbs can be uti­lized as well as vit­a­mins which con­tain glan­du­lars to help rebuild adren­al tis­sue. If the adren­a­ls are deal­ing with long term stress and releas­ing too much cor­ti­sol this can inhib­it the con­ver­sion in the thy­roid of T4 to the more active T3 and pos­si­bly lead to hypothy­roidism. The excess cor­ti­sol can also lead to excess secre­tion of “reverse” T3 which also inhibits T3.

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