Weight Loss

Weight loss is a never-ending debated topic. Without assessing the whole health of the individual it is like putting the “cart before the horse”. Generally there are other factors at play in life; it is not just a matter of an individual simply overeating. Stress, as mentioned in other blog posts, can lead to too much cortisol production which impedes thyroid function and will aggravate weight gain. And often stress means less quality and quantity of sleep which also impairs glucose metabolism thereby altering blood sugar as well as decreasing the secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone and again increasing blood levels of cortisol. Everyone is a different metabolic type; some individuals are slow oxidizers and some are fast oxidizers; there are many variables! It is important to tailor an individual strategy to the person’s unique constitution. Everyone has different health issues, along with different lifestyles and activity levels.

Often when emotions, hormones, glandular and metabolic functions are balanced, then weight starts dropping naturally and without effort. 

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